Microsoft Bing AI - Online search, text, and image generation

Early in 2023, Microsoft upped its investment in OpenAI and started developing and rolling out AI features into its products. One of those was Bing, which now has an AI chatting experience that will help you search the web. Once you enter your prompt, it will search the internet for you, process the results, and present you with a reply containing the links it used as a base.

It can now show image results in the chat window, but it doesn't pick up too well on the intent of image search: it usually prints out a list of image links instead of an image gallery. And if you want to re-read past conversations, you can do so by clicking on each one on the right side of the screen.

Moving away from search, Bing AI is now connected to OpenAI's DALL·E 3, so I can get my daily fix of AI-generated golden retriever images. State that you want to generate an image while chatting, and enter the prompt. Once it's out, you can ask to regenerate with new instructions, though in my experience, it doesn't work well 100% of the time.

It's fully integrated into Microsoft Edge, the native Windows browser. There are a few cool tools there. The best one lets you generate text in the sidebar and paste it with one click into any input field on a web page. This is useful for generating emails and pasting them into the compose window, for example.

Bing AI is still behaving strangely, sometimes ending conversations abruptly—still, it's nothing like when it revealed its gaslighting skills. Don't take it personally if it says it doesn't want to continue the conversation. Hit New Thread, and keep going.

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