Longest conversation memory - Claude

Longest conversation memory - Claude
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Anthropic's chatbot aims to be helpful, harmless, and honest. The conversation flows naturally, with responses that are straight to the point, without lengthy introductions and conclusions like ChatGPT sometimes prefers using.

What's impressive about it is the length of its context window. This is the fancy name for the conversation memory that chatbots are equipped with: it helps it remember what topic you're talking about, past questions you asked, and how it answered. This feature is what makes answering questions like "can you summarize everything we've talked about into a key takeaway?" possible to answer.

Where ChatGPT can only remember up to 24,000 words worth of conversation, Claude 3 takes this to 150,000 words. Since there's a file upload feature, this AI model is great for summarizing and asking questions based on long documents. Just make sure to keep the entire word count—questions and answers combined—below the limit.

The free plan is limited to 25 messages per day. You can unlock more by subscribing to the pro plan, going for $20 per month. Once you remove that cap, you can integrate Claude with Zapier to automate your tech stack. Learn more about how to automate Claude, or get started with one of these pre-made workflows.

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